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a song - Hey, Asshole by Watsky feat. Kate Nash

No idea why but this is my favorite song off of Watsky’s new album. There were so many good ones to pick from. I don’t know if its all the plugging from Sourcefed and the DeFranco Nation, but I love this dude’s music now. Between Watsky, Gambino, Odd Future, and Macklemore I have a renewed faith in hip hop again. You pretty much got me if you can do something interesting with your lyrics besides using a cool underlying beat.

a song - Harlem by New Politics

OK I’m sure it’s just a coincidence this song came out near the same time as the “harlem shake” craze, but this is just a catchy song from the band New Politics. It’s been awhile since their debut and their hit Yeah Yeah Yeah back in ‘10. From just this track they seem to moved to a sound similar to Neon Trees, so if you like them this might be up your alley.

a song - Carried Away by Passion Pit

Possibly my favorite song off the new album, this music video makes it even better. It has Michael Angelakos and Sophia Bush going through hilarious antics while they fight during their “relationship” throughout the video. And boy are there a lot of special effects. Also if this was extended into a show I would totally watch it.

a vid - Elder Scrolls Online Cinematic

Already know that the game will look absolutely nothing like this, but I’m a sucker for epic cinematic.

a song - Clairty by Zedd feat. Foxes

Well I just found my new jam for a couple days. It’s really starting to seem that EDM artists are getting really good at finding amazing vocalists for their songs. Foxes is the new Sia who was the new Florence who was the Ellie. Also you get your classic trippy seizure inducing electro-house music video, gotta love those.

a vid - Cyberpunk 2077

Everyone in the gaming world is talking about this one. It’s a teaser that literally came out of nowhere and doesn’t at all explain what it’s about or what kind of game it is, but its some of the best cg I’ve ever seen. The only other thing we know is its from the developers of The Witcher game franchise. Everyone is also jokingly calling it Daft Punk the game. With a tentative release year of 2015, it is our first look at whatever “next-gen” video gaming is going to be.